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Official Game Rules

*This tournament will take place in Livonia, Michigan at the Just Blossom Event Space(27500 W Seven Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48152) on May 20th, 2022. The "Team Entry Fee" is $80.00. This fee includes your drinks for the night. (Tickets for spectators and watchers and be located here). The beer for the competition will be Bud Light. We ask that all entrants try to resist drinking anything but Beer until your team loses or after you win the Tournament. If you have any question about anything text your questions to (810)256-0411.

Game Play

  • Each team takes turns shooting the pong balls across the table into the opponents cups. First team to make all of the opponents cups wins.


  • Match starts with eye to eye shot. One player on each team is selected to shoot while looking into the opponents eyes. If a player breaks eye contact with their opponent they must redo the shot. If no one makes the shot, both teams switch shooters and continue eye to eye.. The team that makes a cup without the opponents making a cup starts the match. If the shooter from both teams makes a cup at the same time, they switch partners and continue eye to eye.

Making a Shot

  • A player throws a ball across the table into a cup. The opponents, remove the cup(s) that were made.

Pull Ball Not Cup

  • If a cup has been made, the opponent must pull the ball only so that the other teammate has a chance to make the same cup.

Roll Back

  • If a player misses a shot and is able to retrieve the ball before the opponent and before the ball is out of play, they are allowed to make a trick shot. (No opposite hand trick shots)

Out of Play(dead)

  • A ball is considered dead or out of play if it touches the floor. Any catches or assists made by a team are fair as long as the ball has not touched the floor. 

Same Cup

  • If a player makes a cup and their partner makes the same cup, that teams gets 3 cups removed and both Balls Back to shoot again. (This includes if the opponent doesn't remove the first ball)

Balls Back

  • A team will get both balls back after making both pong balls on a single turn. This can repeat as long as the team continues to make both pong balls.


  • The opposing team can block their cups or try to distract a player as long as they do not block the ball after it has been shot. If the ball is blocked by an opponent, the player shooting may take another shot. If the opponent blocks 3 balls within a match, they must remove 1 cup. For the remainder of the game they must remove 1 cup for every additional block they make after that.


  • Players will not cross the table edge with their shooting elbow. If they make a cup with their elbow over the table, the shot will not count. (they will not get to reshoot).


  • Players can try to bounce the ball off any surface to make a cup. If done successfully, that team gets 2 cups removed instead of 1. The opponents get to choose which 2nd cup is taken. If a player chooses to bounce, the opposing team can defend their cups by swatting the ball away after it bounces once.

Freshmen Cup

  • This cup is considered to be the middle cup. If freshmen cup is the first cup you make, personally (not as a team), you must take a knee and play on your knee until you are able to make a cup. Once you make a cup you are allowed to stand once more.

Heating Up

  • This is called out loud when you have made 2 cups in a row. This must be said out loud in order to get On Fire.

On Fire

  • Is called out loud if you have made 3 cups in a row. You can only say On Fire if you have called out Heating Up on the previous turn. If you are On Fire, you now get the ball back and get to shoot until you miss. If you are On Fire, you take your shots immediately. Do not wait for your partner to shoot first if you shot first. If a player receives Balls Back while also getting On Fire, the player On Fire gets to shoot till they miss and then players get the Balls Back.


  • Each team gets 2 re-racks per game. Use them Wisely. (No "Gentlemens")


  • Age old rule. If a player has tries to make a cup and the ball begins to spin around the rim of the cup, the opponents can try and get the ball out of the cup before it touches the liquid inside. Males can use their fingers to scoop the ball out of the cup. Females can blow air into the cup to knock the ball out.


  • Island can be called when there is a single cup not touching the other cups ( island). This does not include a cup that has slightly moved after getting hit with the pong ball. Once Island is called you can only shoot for the island cup. If a player makes said cup that team gets 2 cups removed. If that player makes any other cups besides the island, the shot doesn't count. You cannot call island when there's are 3 or less cups. You cannot call island more than once per match per player.

Shot in Your Drink

  • Traditionally if a player makes a ball into their opponents drink. The opponent must chug their drink and get a new one. (Beer is the only drink allowed at the table while a match is being played. This is for safety. We do not want player "chugging" liquor)


  • If a player makes one of the cups out of play, everyone screams social and everyone drinks. (Get the whole building to social)

Cup Knocked Over

  • If for any reason a cup in the game is knocked over or knocked off the table, that cup is removed from game play. Sorry about your bad luck...

Winning the Game

  • The game has been won once every cup has been made and removed from one side of the table and the balls have made it back to the team with cups still on the table.


  • Opponents get to receive a rebuttal if the opposing team did not end with Balls Back. Both players on opponents team are allowed to shoot until they miss (No re-racks or specials). 1 player at a time. If the opponents make all the cups, they get an overtime. If they end up not making all the cups the balls go back to the opposing team and they win. If a player makes the last cup and are On Fire, the opposing team only gets 1 ball back for the player of their choice to shoot till they miss.


  • Overtime consists of a 3 cup triangle with no re-racks or specials. First to make all 3 win. No rebuttals.


  • Bounce + Shot = 3 Cups

  • Bounce + Same Cup = 4 Cups

  • 2 Bounces = 4 Cups

  • 2 Bounces + Same Cup = 5 Cups

  • Trick Shots = 1 Cup

  • Island + Shot = 3 Cups

  • Island + Same Cup = 4 Cups

  • Island + Island = 4 Cups

  • Island + Island + Same Cup = 5 Cups

  • Island + Bounce = 4 Cups

  • Island + Bounce + Same Cup = 5 Cups


  • Gentlemens

  • Ring of fire

  • Same Cup Game Over

  • Opposite hand trick shots

**If you have any question about anything text your questions to (810)256-0411.

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