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#TJATuesday Submissions


Step 1: Create Your Submission by selecting one of the suggestions below including BodyTags, FanSigns, Unique Shoutouts, and TJA Selfies.

Step 2: Send it to In your email include your picture or video and also let us know your instagram tag.

Step 3: Wait for our staff to send you a conformation email saying we received your picture or video. After you receive the confirmation email, be looking for your posts on TJA's social media!



#TJATuesday Submissions

Suggestions 1.  Body Tags

(Must be written on the body)


Find the nearest sharpie, Crayola, etc. and start drawing. So many options! You could write "I <3 TJA", "#TJATuesday", "@TJAofficial", or even shoutout one of his songs or lyrics. Whatever you do make it unique and eye catching and who knows... You could be posted all over for #TJATuesdays!!!

Suggestions 2.  Fan Signs

(Take picture with written Fan Sign. Cannot be added digitally to the picture later)


The old fashion Fan Signs. Lets see your "artsy" side and created a Fan Sign masterpiece! Simply grab any kind of paper, write your message, and take a picture with your sign. Wah lah! A Fan Sign!

Suggestions 3.  Unique Shoutouts

(Anything Unique. Edited, captioned, designed, Videos, objects, etc.)


Lets see your creative side. Maybe you want to spell TJA in Guns like one fan did, or maybe you want to add a cool caption, maybe you you got a group of people to spell out my name in a video, or maybe you somehow got the stars to spell out TJA in the sky... okay maybe not the last one but you get the point, lets see what you got!

Suggestions 4.   TJA Selfies

(Got A Picture with TJA? Lets see them!)


We want to see the fans! The more pictures we see of you and TJA the more we know that you are lsitening and want to hear more. We love seeing smiling fans who want to get their pictures with TJA. Or we love seeing those sneak photos people take. So whatever show it is, if you get a chance take a picture with him. Jump in his arms, hug him, or stand there nervous with an awkward smile. We have seen it all.

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