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Black Eyes + New News = TJAofficial

I'm telling you if you call yourself a fan of TJA then you're going to want to read this. Where do we start?!? While TJA has been working on the Shiggles Mixtape and the What?!? Album his team has been working very hard to bring us something HUGE. The all new TJAofficial APP!! That's right just rush over to the App Store or Google Play and download this free easy way to keep up to date with anything and everything TJA. With push notification you'll up on the lastest news, new merchandise, shows, tciket pricing, dates, #TJATuesdays, along with all the media including Music, videos, and much more!

We also have been able to get in contact with some members of his team who tell us the new music coming is unbelievable. Not only that but TJA may be moving to NYC or California which means all you big city fans better keep an eye out for the big black contact cause you might pay TJA on the streets.

All of us have seen the #SRST Merchandise made up of assorted short colors. Now, the #SRST Merchandise is expanding! They will be housing new pieces including Tank tops, Bro Tanks, Sweatpants, Hats, Wristbands, and so much more. With all these new items they came up with the new Logo for #SRST!

With all these new improvements, TJA is still working hard to finish the album but has decided to release a track that will be a single on the Shiggles Mixtape. Be sure to check soundcloud for the "Across The Sky" free digital download and dont forget to like and share with all your friends.

This is once again, The Dude. #StayRealStayTrue

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